YOGA HEALING physical health &
mental well-being
Breaking stigma
Teaching practical
life skills

“I have learned how to
breathe more slowly,
relax tension in my body
and gain self-esteem.”
– Current Student


“I am clear headed
and more in control
of my depression
and anxiety after
each class.”
– Current Student

About Dhara NYC

DHARA NYC is a Yoga Service Project participating in the FJC Fiscal Sponsorship Program. All classes teach practical, foundational Yoga healing techniques to low-income populations living with various mental and emotional health issues, ranging from learning to balance everyday stresses to living with clinical diagnoses. MORE >


About Jenna Ritter, Founder

Jenna founded DHARA NYC as a Yoga Service Project in 2008 in response to the needs of the adult and youth communities she was serving at the time. Combining her knowledge and experience as a preschool special education teacher with what she learned living and studying extensively in India and China, she developed a unique curriculum. Much like the “ABC’s” of Yoga healing, her teachings focus on the foundations of Yoga healing for special needs populations and hold the intention to nurture a self-love that brings awakened, inspired action. Jenna seamlessly integrates insights from her personal healing journey with effective and practical methods of Yoga lifestyle practices for mental health and physical well-being. MORE >

Upcoming Classes

    Learn Ujjayi Breath.

    Watch this video for a lesson from Jenna on Ujjayi Breath, an Indian Yoga healing breath to bring calm, clarity & centering